These 30 Photos Show that Eyes Are Truly Windows to the Soul


The eye is the window to the universe, and some would say they are also windows to the soul.  It’s because the eyes reflect pain, anger, or some other emotion. Eyes are windows to the soul—a phrase that perfectly sums up what we feel when our gaze plunges into another.

French photographer Réhahn understands what the phrase truly means that’s why he’s one of the most skilled when it comes to capturing the emotion of these moments. According to the lensman,

“Our intuition and imagination and manages to touch our senses. We should stop on each image to read the thoughts on the subject photographed through his or her eyes, the depth of the retina and the intensity of the pupil, flattered by fine lines that lie at the corners of eyes, will allow us to glimpse a soul.”

Below are some photos that will prove how powerful a gaze is. One star creates a story that cannot be told in any other way.


4-Year-Old Sung


Bright Eyes of Morocco


10-Year-Old Street Magician Arzu


One of the Elders from Pa Ko Ethnic Group of Vietnam


An Old Woman from Varanasi



In Jaipur Rajasthan


Homeless but Happy Man in the Streets of La Habana


Little Girl Hmong


103-Year-Old Woman from the Rengao Ethnic Group


Young Boy from Varanasi, India



An Elder from Hre Ethnic Group in Vietnam


Elder Woman Co Tu


In Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)


Bui Thi Xong, 78 Years Old


Elder Hmong Woman of Sapa, Vietnam



7-year-old An Phuoc from the Minority Cham in Vietnam


Little Girl Spotted on a Road in Northern Vietnam


Little Boy from the Minority Ta Oi (Vietnam)


Eyes of Jaipur


A Sadhu of Rajasthan



Little Girl Bajau, Island Near Borneo


Eyes of Cuba


Sadhu of Varanasi


Elder Woman in Hoi An, Vietnam


A Fierce Gaze in Varanasi, India



Little Hmong Girl (Vietnam)


Elder Woman from Co Tu Ethnic Group (Vietnam)


Cuban Smoking a Cohiba


101-Year-Old Woman from Co Tu Ethnic Group


Elder Lady Hmong with Purple Dye on Her Hands

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