This Eerie Graveyard for Planes Shot Down in WWII is Sure to Give You the Creeps

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With the Earth’s surface being made up of 70% water, there’s no question that some of the most astonishing pictures can be found deep within our oceans. With that being said, we offer you an amazing underwater graveyard of planes from Word War II that have made the bottoms of the ocean floor their final resting place.

Eerie, beautiful, and spectral – these pictures are evidence that our very own oceans are still so foreign to us and infused with countless entities that our minds can’t even fathom. Renowned and out of this world altogether, this museum of fallen planes is truly mesmerizing.

Wouldn’t you want one or two of these in a framed portrait and displayed on your wall?

1. Almost Perfectly Intact



2. Beautiful



3. Spookier in Greyscale



4. A Place You Can Swim Around In



5. Perfect for Your Bedroom Wall




6. Home to a Lot of Fishes



7. Eerie



8. The Ghost Plane Nightmares Are Made Of



9. Stunning Corals



10. Once a Cockpit, Now a Fish Tank




11. Even More Stunning in Color



12. Barnacles Everywhere



13. More Sombre than an Actual Graveyard


Sorrowful and phenomenal at the same time, these planes are a brilliant illustration of the secrets, which can be found below the surface of our planet’s oceans. Many would love to personally dive down and investigate these momentous ruins, even if it’s only to take a peek at a speck of this conserved history.


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