Father and Daughter Recreates the Same Photo for 35 Years


Hua Yunqing never thought that having his and his one-year-old daughter picture taken would be a start of a family tradition.

When Hua and his family went to visit the local lake in Zhenjiang, China, Hua wanted a picture of him and his daughter captured. He liked the photo very much that the next year, he went back to the same spot and have his with his daughter picture taken again.

Over the following years, 35 years in fact, Hua and his daughter Huahua continued to take the same shot every year. The father and daughter photos show how the little grew up into an adult and how the father aged too. Their photos also shows how the scenery change over the years.


Taken in 1980, this picture is the first of Hua’s collection. Huahua was still one year old in this picture.

Huahua smiles at the age of two

Huahua mimics her dad at three

Each year the father and daughter visit the same lake in Zhenjiang, a city in eastern China's Jiangsu province

Huahua looks a little shy in 1985

the father-daughter duo don their swimsuits for this lively snap in 1986

Huahua wears a girly white dress at the age of eight

just a year later has grown her hair out and opted for funkier clothes

The pair wear matching sandals on this hot day at the lake in 1989 as Hua shows off a more relaxed attitude to fashion

At the turn of the decade Huahua beams at the camera at the age of 11, wearing shorts, T-shirt and her hair brushed into a side parting





As the decade turn, the pictures show Huahua becoming a teenager.
The father and daughter opt for matching poses in 1991

In 1992 cut a more serious expression

As she gets into her teens Huahua's style starts to change

It appears to be a windy day by the lake in 1994

In 1995, Huahua, now aged 16, has started wearing braces and glasses while her father remains seemingly ageless

At 17 Huahua has barely changed

Hua appears not to have aged a day despite his daughter's dramatic image change
Huahua was not able to join her family for the holiday in 1998 but they continued the tradition the next year.

In 1998 Huahua did not join the family on holiday but in 1999 she's clearly developing her own style at the age of 20

At the start of the Millennium Huahua adopts classic styles of the time including crimped hair and ankle bracelets 
In 2001 Huahua has transformed her hair with a heavy fringe
In 2002 Hua appears more casual
At 24 Huahua looks elegant and lady like
Huahua carries the same style through to the following year
But by the following year Huahua is back to her hipster preppy style, as she and her father pose beam by the lake
Hua seems eager to do some photography of his own in 2006
The pair appear unrecognisable one year on
In 2008, Hua and his daughter, Huahua is joined by a new addition. Huahua brought her daughter to her father and daughter photo tradition.
2008 sees the arrival of Huahua's first daughter in the photograph
The family appears to have invested in a new camera for 2009
2010 sees Hua's first grandchild growing up fast as the trio laugh for their annual photo
By 2011 Huahua's daughter is on her feet and walking
Then, another one joined their picture. Huahua’s second daughter joined the fun.
2012 sees the arrival of a second grandchild
Two years ago saw a very sunny picture for the family
In their latest snap Huahua and her daughters opted for matching outfits

Hua plans to continue taking pictures with his daughter and granddaughters by the lake as long as he can.


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