This Man Recorded Something Over the Last 30 Years That is Beyond Epic. You Will be Impressed.


For over thirty years, the world of gaming has developed extremely. Now you get incredible lifelike graphics from video games, and you can even play with no controllers. Thanks to Xbox Kinect, all you need is to move for the motion sensors to detect your movement and interpret it digitally, which will then be mimicked on the screen.

But let’s take a stroll down the memory lane, shall we?


In an attempt to capture how games have developed today, art director Javier Laspiur shot a series of images and put them together with the title of Controllers. It documented the classic game controllers from the past thirty years up to the most recent.

The series is really simple: each portrait features a controller with its name below and the year when Laspiur has first ever played the game.

To give you a slower and much stable view of each one of them, here are the twenty-two controllers shown in the GIF above.

Controllers 2

Controllers 3

Controllers 4

Controllers 5

Controllers 6

Controllers 7

Controllers 8

Controllers 9

Controllers 10

Controllers 11

Controllers 12

Controllers 13

Controllers 14

Controllers 15

Controllers 16

Controllers 17

Controllers 18

Controllers 19

Controllers 20

Controllers 21

Controllers 22

Controllers 23

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