Extreme Sports Star Climbs Up a 360-Foot-Tall Antenna for Sexy Photo Shoot

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If you’re offered a modeling gig that pays good, you’d accept it without second thoughts. But what if you’re told you’re gonna pose while clinging onto a 360-foot-tall antenna with no protection, would you still say yes?

Well, if you’re one who thirsts for some death-defying adventure, then you are most likely to stay yes. Just like this woman.

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Clair Marie, a professional extreme sports athlete, just created the most “formal” base jump ever. The young woman, who is now dubbed as the “base girl,” says her number one passion has always been base jumping, but fashion is also very close to her heart. And through this dangerous feat, she wants to combine two worlds.

Donning a formal dress, Clair Marie positions herself at the edge of the antenna and starts posing for probably the most dangerous sexy photo shoot.

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