Welcome to The Coldest Place on Earth that is Inhabited By Humans

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Oymyakon, Russia, is the coldest place on earth, reports say, where humans actually live in. Even though the place is freezing cold, some people still call this small, rural town their home. The residents managed to adjust to their environment and even survived some very harsh and brutal winters.

Locals shop for food at the town’s outdoor market.

A house sits frosted over ice and snow at the town’s center.

This toilet is located at the side of the road in Oymyakon for travelers that need a bathroom stop.

Last November, the temperature in the area was around -38F. The place can get as extremely cold because it is found under the subarctic climate.

Braving the cold, journalist and photographer Amos Chapple visited Oymyakon to take these stunning pictures. Chapple visited the town right after the winter had set in the town. His photos let us catch a glimpse of how the people in Oymyakon live.

To keep his cows warm each night, local farmer Nikolai Petrovich tuck them away in a heavily insulated barn.




According to data, the weather in the area starts to go down by late September. Temperatures can reach 32 degrees F, that’s the freezing point. The temperature continues to fall, going as low as -58F and sometimes lower.

The temperatures only go up above the freezing point around mid-May. The warmest months in the area are June and July, the only months that temperatures don’t fall below 14F.

A statue of the first governor of Yakutia, Ivan Kraft, is located in the city. The statue is frozen most of the year.

In 2013, with the temperature at -63F, a local woman walks across the street with a mitten pressed over her face to combat the cold.

This woman walks across a frozen bridge in Yakutsk. Oymyakon is two-day drive away from the regional capital, Yakutsk.

The coldest temperature in the town was -90F. The temperature was recorded on the february 6, 1933. The only place on earth that has people living in it that reached that same level of cold is Verkhoyansk.

A villager races through the cold into the only store in town.

Oymyakon has only one shop. The shop sells practically everything that the community needs.

The town got its name from the Oymyakon River. The name is said to be from the word “kheim,” which means “unfrozen patch of water; place where fish spend the winter.” Another source says that the word is “heyum,” meaning “frozen lake.”



Oymakon is largely fueled by the village’s heating plant, which constantly releases streaks of coal smoke into the air. You can see the smoke billowing during a traditionaly quiet dawn.

This poor guard dog wishes his owners would come take him out of the cold.

Hanging your summer shoes out in the shed in this town is a bad idea.

This digger delivers coal to the heating plant each morning in order to keep the residents from freezing over.

To survive the harsh winters, the people go about their business as swift as possible. They go in and out of the cold quickly. The people race from one indoor to the next, they are clothed from head to toe with winter clothes. As a result, Amos Chapple said it was very challenging to photograph the village life. His photos reflected a falsely desolate village.


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