This Wedding Photographer Climbed 4,500-feet to Capture These Epic Photos

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A wedding photographer just conquered his fear and decided to go the extra mile just for the sake of taking perfect shots of the bride and groom at the clifftop.

At first, Brian Ruebs was very scared of heights. However, he managed to conquer his fear, so that he can take stunning photos of outdoor enthusiasts Elina and Endjis Perkons in Yosemite National Park for their wedding day.

To get to the place, Brian had to endure a daunting 8.2-mile, 4,500-foot climb up the mountain. For him, it was going to be a very unforgettable experience. When he accepted the job, he didn’t really have any idea what awaited him. Still, he didn’t let his fear overwhelm him.


It took the photographer and the couple more than 14 hours to hike and do the shoot. And looking at the photos, it seems that all the efforts are worth it.

In one photo, the couple is seen standing on top of Yosemite Park’s Half Dome. In the background, there are rolling mountains and a clear blue sky.

Forty-two-year-old Ruebs said, “I had already agreed to the shoot before I really looked into the hike … and the height thing”.

“All of the fear came after I’d already said ‘Yes’,” he added.

The shoot was done on July 2015. As early as 5:30 AM, Ruebs, the couple, and one officiant started to find their way up. They fit everything into one backpack and these included the groom’s suit, the bride’s wedding, gown, the bouquet, and one bottle of champagne to celebrate. They ended at 7:30 PM.

Creative endeavour: Brian Ruebs was scared of heights but he conquered that fear and captured this amazing photo of bride Elina Perkons in Yosemite National Park



While doing the shoot, Ruebs was very excited. He recalled, “I was ecstatic, and sent my wife a picture from the top. Once I was up, my joy was short-lived, as I was the last one up and they’d already started to get ready. There was no time for personal celebrations – this was their day”.

On the big day, Philip Nicolas, Ruebs’ co-photographer, acted as a witness for the couple.



Ruebs added, “I get it – kids do this hike. But for anyone who is scared of heights, it’s a chore, and climbing those cables after a long eight miles uphill isn’t fun. Everyone has been really great about the images, though – which helps make up for the long hike. It was an awesome day, and one I surely won’t forget”.




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