Who Does This Northern Lights Photo Resemble? You Be the Judge!


The night sky possesses both beauty and mystery. Simply staring at the bright glowing stars can be very hypnotizing. Which is why a lot of photographers take interest in capturing the aesthetics of the night sky that result in many eye-opening photos, but none of them would probably match with this one.



Graeme Whipps, a meteorologist, captured this fascinating photo during his recent visit to Akureyri in Northern Iceland. The picture below closely resembles a face, and it has been debated as to what it really looks like. Some say it looks like the Green Goblin, while there are those who insist it’s more like Dr. Seuss’s the Grinch?



Whipps, 52, is a father of two from Inverurie, Northern Scotland. Taking pictures of the aurora borealis in Iceland is one of his favorite hobbies. On one of his shoots, he was able to get this fantastic but somehow baffling photo.

It’s a stunning photo and something you don’t see every day, but then again, the debate about who it resembles more is still argued. To help you decide, we have prepared a couple of pictures that you can use as reference below.



Maybe it looks more like Batman—only a little greener.




Here’s a video below.

See the beauty of the ‘Aurora Borealis’ with this video.

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