Woman Lost 150lbs

Woman Lost 150Lbs, Came Out with Before-and-After Photos



One day, Beth Beard decided to lose 150 pounds. But, before she did that, she and her friend Blake Morrow, a Toronto-based photographer, came up with a fun idea. They wanted to produce a before and after photo series, which exposes the old and the new Beth. They called it “The Beth Project: Thick and Thin”.

Blake explained to Buzzfeed, “She came to me before she had gastric-bypass surgery asking if I’d do a portrait of her combining a before-and-after vibe. I was immediately obsessed with the idea. I love before-and-after stuff – be it home re-dos or weight loss comparisons. Creating this imagery with Beth was a chance to add to that lore, but to try something different”.

A few weeks before Beth underwent bypass surgery, Blake took photos of Beth. After the surgery, Beth had to wait for two years for her to lose weight. When she finally reached her goal, Blake took photos of the new Beth and creatively edited the old and the new ones with the help of Photoshop.

Blake also said that the photos were inspired by Beth’s and his common interests, revealing that they were both “sci-fi geeks”. However, he emphasized that the main objective of the Beth Project was to expose to the world what makes Beth unique.

“Some of the images are dramatical and theatrical, while others go for gritty photo-realistic vibe, but they’re all about being herself, even while taking on characters to play,” he added.

Although editing was necessary in order to fuse the old photos with the newer ones, Blake insisted that he didn’t make any changes to her body at all. The photos speak for themselves.
Check out Beth’s transformation in the photos below:
Weight Loss

Photo of Before and After

Before and After

Play of Weight Loss




Weight Loss

One Time Weight Loss

Before and After

Big Loss

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