23 Pictures You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped …Some of These are Mind Blowing


With the introduction of Photoshop, it is easier to create photos that look perfectly real, but are deceiving. However, the photos below are purely unedited and were just taken exactly as is. Before you can even decide, you might want to check them first:

Flamingos In The Shape Of A Flamingo

This group of flamingos got together to create history. The photo was captured by National Geographic in the Gulf of Mexico.

Grid Waves

This photo is taken in the Isle of Rhé. It shows a phenomenon called cross sea waves.

Indoor Cloud

Though it looks fake, it is actually the work of Berndnaut Smilde, an artist who measures the humidity and temperature in a room to create indoor clouds.

Google Maps Location Names

Rumors say that this was immediately removed. But, it is still real.

Split Road

After an earthquake struck Japan, this road tore apart. Apparently, this happened because the road was constructed one lane at a time.

Life-Sized Geode

If you think a cave of crystals doesn’t exist, then you’re wrong. This Cave of Crystals is located in the Naica mountains in Mexico.

Doritos Mountain

Even if you wished a Doritos Mountain is real, unfortunately, it isn’t. It is just the way the light pours during sunrise in Glacier National Park, Montana.

A Cat with a Two-Toned Face

Born in 2009, Venus is somewhat like a Chimera cat. She is known for having a two-toned face because of the DNA of two separate cats.

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