23 Pictures You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped …Some of These are Mind Blowing


Escalators to Hell

These escalators don’t really take you to hell. They are actually a part of a project to make an underground system an art gallery.

Ledge Hanging Chain

This man is known as Mustang Wanted. He is a daredevil who is famed for climbing tall heights and hanging off with his fingertips like a mad man.

A Fish With Human Teeth

This is the sheepshead fish and its human-like teeth is for real.

Terrifying Clouds

This is not a scene from an apocalyptic Hollywood film. This photo was taken in Iowa.

Lego City

This is not a picture from LegoLand. It was taken in the San Buenaventura complex in Ixtapaluca, Mexico City.

Pink River

The high salt concentration in the water makes this river a perfect breeding ground for Dunaliella salina, a salt-loving bacteria. And, because of the bacteria’s presence, the lake looks very pink. This is located in Lake Retba in Senegal.

A Fish Within a Fish

According to reports, a group of scientists were just trying to catch fish. While a three-foot dogfish was tempted by the bait, a sand tiger shark was attracted to the fish.

Melted Wood

For over two decades, a monk prayed in the same exact spot daily. That is why this wood appeared like it has melted.

Namib Desert

This is the view of the dry riverbed of the Sossusvlei River. Even if geologists kept on researching how the dunes were created this way, they still couldn’t find answers.

Jewel Corn

If you think this corn is just some sort of an art project, you’re wrong. This is a real and edible corn, which is a hybrid of several varieties.

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