Would You Take Your Wedding Photo on a Ledge Like This? OMG!


It’s everyone’s dream to have a memorable and breathtaking wedding. After all, it happens only once in a lifetime (well, unless of course, you’re planning a divorce or two?). So we all want that day to be beautiful, elegant, unforgettable, and just simply stunning.

But if you’re the type of couple who hates to dwell on what’s conventional and would rather have a wedding that’s a bit extreme, then photographer Jay Philbrick is the man to call.

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Jay, with the help of his wife, Vicky, and other trained professionals, literally leave engaged couples and newlyweds breathless. He takes them to a special spot in Echo Lake State Park in New Hampshire. Once they get there, he asks them to get on a 700-foot-tall Cathedral Ledge. They will then be lowered onto a small ledge stationed 350 feet above the ground, and Jay would go down near them and take some really incredible shots.

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The resulting photos of this heart-pumping experience are nothing short of amazing. If you want to try it out yourself, better get a hold of Jay Philbrick now. Be careful not to slip though; it’s a long way down.



Watch the video below.

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