You Won’t Believe the Close-Ups of Dragonflies Early in the Morning!

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Roberto Aldrovanid, an Italian photographer, has captured quite a magical sight. He managed to create incredible photographs of bug-eyed dragonflies. It needs a lot of precision and timing to get these kind of shots, so Aldrovanid took them early in the morning as the dragonflies were waiting for the temperature to rise so they could begin their day.

A dragonfly’s eyes are multifaceted, so the light reflects brilliantly on them. In order to capture them, the 46-year-old photographer used macro photography. He has this useful tip for those planning to do the same:

“The trick is to wake up on the coldest morning of late spring at first light. Because their wings are still wet with dew and the low temperature of the early morning, you can have some time with them before they fly away.”



In the photograph below, it even seems like the two dragonflies are joining hands. While in the next shot, they look intimidatingly at the camera.





If you happen to start a photography hobby, then you might want to consider filling your camera with these dragonflies. Judging from these pictures, they definitely are photogenic.



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