The Contortionist Who Holds Multiple Unbelievable Records

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Based in London and Berlin, Leilani Franco is a British contortionist, who became known for her appearances as a semi-finalist in the shows Britain’s Got Talent, Eurovision, and Das Supertalent.


At the age of six, Leilani already started her career as a contortionist. In her early youth, she took up lessons in martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and piano.

When she turned sixteen, she moved to Manila, Philippines, where she joined the Philippine Ballet Theatre.

She has held the Guinness World Records for the fastest contortion roll over at a distance of 20 meters in 17.47 seconds and for travelling in a back-bent position at a distance of 20 meters in 10.05 seconds.






leilani-franco (1)




Now, she performs as a freelance artist in various companies, including Cirque du Soleil, The Box Soho, Little Big World, NoFit State Circus, and Cirque Eloize.


Watch her perform in the video below:

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