This Magic Trick Will Have Your Friends Go Wow with Amazement …Check It Out


Anything involving fire and wine is guaranteed to be awesome, as far as party tricks go. This cool science trick is sure to wow at any party and may even make your friends start believing in magic. Howcast shows us how to magically make wine go into an upside-down wine glass and it is so cool!

They start off with an empty plate, then place a lit tea candle in the center. They place the empty glass over the lit candle, after pouring wine around the candle. When you do this, you create a vacuum effect, which causes the to “magically” fill the glass before your eyes.







Now, is that magic or what? Use this for your next party trick and leave everybody in awe. Your friends will definitely be amazed. Check out the video below to see how it’s done.



Watch the full video below.

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