15 Guinness World Records That are Making Headlines Around the World


This year’s Guinness Book of World Records showcases fresh new faces, with some veteran champions still holding on to the top spot in their respective categories. Let’s meet them and the quirky, unique abilities they possess that made them dominate the world.

1. Largest Disco Ball

1. Largest Disco Ball - Bestival

This huge disco ball named the Bestival is 10.33 meters (about 33 feet in diameter). The guys you see in the picture are not spacemen; they are actually the engineers who worked together to hang this giant sparkling ball during a music festival in United Kingdom.


2. Longest Tongue

2. Longest Tongue - Nick Stoeberl

This artist and comedian from California is not nicknamed “The Lick” for nothing because while the average human tongue measures about 4 inches, Nick Stoeberl‘s tongue is 10.1 inches long, and that is just from the tip to the middle of the closed lip.


3. Longest Jump by a Cat

3. Longest Jump by a Cat - Alley

This flying cat, Alley, from Austin, Texas, can jump 6 feet.


4. First Musical Act to Perform a Concert on Every Continent

4. First Musical Act to Perform a Concert on Every Continent - Metallica

Metallica set the record on December 2013 after traveling to Carlini Station in Antarctica to perform in front of 120 scientists and competition winners. The record-breaking concert ran for an hour, where they performed ten tracks.


5. Largest Yo-Yo

5. Largest Yo-Yo - Beth Johnson

This gigantic yo-yo named Beth Johnson measures 11 feet, 9 inches and weighs 4,620 pounds. The toy was built for only a year and a half and is fully functional.



6. Most Apples Crushed with the Biceps in One Minute

6. Most Apples Crushed With the Biceps in One Minute - Linsey Lindberg

Lindsey Lindberg, a.k.a Mama Lou, credits her muscular arms for the unusual world record title. Guinness recorded that she crushed eight apples using her biceps in a minute, an achievement she did in Los Angeles, California.


7. Shortest Cat

7. Shortest Cat - Lilleput

Lilleput is a nine-year-old munchkin cat owned by Christel Young from Napa, California. This small cat measures only 5.25 inches from the floor to the shoulders.


8. Largest Collection of Comic Books

8. Largest Collection of Comic Books - Bob Bretall

Bob Bretall has been saving comic books since he was eight years old. All in all, he has collected 94,268 comic books. His collection is estimated to weigh 8.3 tons, almost as heavy as 118 adult men. Bretall said he will never sell his comics; instead, he will leave them to his children as an inheritance.


9. Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia

9. Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia - Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett from UK prides himself in his James Bond memorabilia collection of 12,463 pieces. He had always been fascinated with James Bond since he was a kid but only began building his collection when he was twenty-eight, after GoldenEye hit theaters. To keep his collection from prying eyes, Bennett keeps them in a private area.


10. Longest Golf Club

10. Longest Golf Club - Karsten Maas

Karsten Maas of Denmark created a usable golf club that can send a ball flying 542 feet away! Measuring 14 feet and 5 inches long, the golf club is the longest in the world.



11. Smallest Caravan

11. Smallest Caravan - Yannick Read's QTvan

The Yannick Read’s QTvan is a little caravan packed with a full-sized bed, a TV, a sink, and a kettle. The vehicle measures only 7 feet, 10 inches in length, 5 feet in height, and 2 feet in width. Because of its size and mobility, this little caravan is definitely fit for the road.


12. Largest Electric Guitar

12. Largest Electric Guitar - Scott Rippetoe

If you think this thing is only meant for galleries, think again. This enormous instrument is actually playable. It measures 43 feet, 7.5 inches in height, 5.5 inches in width, and weighs 2,000 pounds. The guitar’s design was taken from a 1967 Gibson Flying V guitar. It only cost $3,000 to build.


13. Fastest Dog on Two Paws

13. Fastest Dog on Two Paws - Jiff

Jiff gained Internet fame after holding two records: fastest time to cover 10 meters on his hind legs and fastest time to cover five meters on his front legs. Jiff is a Pomeranian.


14. Tallest Teenager

14. Tallest Teenager - Broc Brown

Broc Brown is only eighteen years old but already stands at 7 feet, 1.5 inches tall and is considered too tall to play basketball. Nike has supplied him with size 24 athletic sneakers, which are actually larger than those worn by Shaquille O’Neal.


15. Longest Fingernails

15. Longest Fingernails - The Dutchess

Christine Walton, also known as “The Dutchess,” has held the title since 2011. At last measurement, her nails measured 23 feet and 11 inches.

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