This Man Traveled 3,000 Miles from Finland to Africa on a Jetski …Just because He Could



If your son asked you if it was possible to go to Africa from Finland on a jet ski, you’d probably just laugh and tell him that it isn’t possible. Risto Piispa made into the Guinness World Record for the longest open ocean journey on a jet ski. He tried out his son’s idea to go from Finland to Africa.

It took forty days for Risto to complete the mission.

A camper van followed him by land, so he would be able to refuel and rest during the journey.

In 2008, Risto was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

He travelled 1,910 miles. He departed from Helsinki and landed in Ceuta, forty days later.


He rode a Sea-Doo RXT 260 and documented the trip, so his family and friends could monitor his progress.

Risto did not let his health battles stop him from going on the journey. He used a navigation system to travel from Finland to Estonia, then he went down the European coast past Latvia and Lithuania eventually reaching Poland. He passed Poland and Germany, then he was in the open sea and he followed the Spanish coast line towards Ceuta, his final destination.

Frederico Rezende held the previous world record with his 963.04 journey from Lisbon to Madeira. The longest ever journey recorded was 10,729 miles made by South Africans Adrian Marais and Marinus du Plessis. They went from the west coast of North America down to the Panama Canal.

Watch video of Risto’s journey here:

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