Man Breaks Record of Balancing Benches Using Only His TEETH


When footballers get benched, it is expected that they take it with grace. However, Li Hongxiao of China is not taking any of it as he took a different approach to bench press: by balancing benches with his teeth.

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The Chinese athlete easily surpassed the previous world record of 14 benches when he went on to balance a whopping 23 benches for eleven seconds. With each of the benches weighing 3 kilograms, the bulk almost equaled to his own body weight.

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Li, who hailed from Tianqiao village in Chongging, has always been a performer. He began to perform the “lion dance” at age eight to help support his family. He has come a long way, though. His sideshow act was redefined when he began holding up bamboo poles, ladders, and benches with his teeth in 2000. Over time, he became more and more competitive, increasing the load that he’s putting on his teeth.


These amazing stunts are as dangerous as they look. When Li attempted to balance 12 benches for the first time, he escaped with 18 stitches in his lower lip when the seats fell off. Still, he could prove to create quite a show.

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