The Girl Boxing Prodigy Who Can Throw 47 Punches in 30 Seconds with Just One Hand


Rustram Saadvakass, who lives with his family in Voronezh, Russia, has a passion for boxing, and everything he has learned after years of training, he wants to pass it on to his children. So he trains them how to land blows and dodge a punch five days every week in the woods near their home.

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Rustram believes that the discipline learned in boxing teaches perseverance and courage, so he puts his kids through their paces twice every day.

His 9-year-old daughter Evnika would lead their training oftentimes. When she was just four years old, her father already knew she has a talent, and now she can throw record-breaking 47 punches with one hand in just 30 seconds.



Evnika loves boxing; she likes the sound every hard side hook she throws makes. She loves the lessons the sport teaches her.

Rustram once uploaded a video of Evnika showing off her boxing skills, and he was surprised that the short footage actually went viral. When he told his daughter about it, he said she was overwhelmed by the messages she received from people around the world.

Rustram said that more than anything else, it’s the lightning speed that his daughter displays that makes him really proud, not to mention that she’s only a 9-year-old.

Ever since she was young, Evnika has always shown positive attitude during her training. Her father started noticing her talent when he was training his other kids. She was just standing nearby, and he saw that she started to follow the task set for the older ones.

Rustam shares that even young professional boxers will admit that they cannot do perfectly what Evnika can “because she’s got the speed, the intervals and the start speed, and her feeling and reaction are both at a really high level.”

With the help of his wife, Ania, Rustram always makes sure to maintain a strict regime with their other children, 4-year-old Hatshepsut, 5-year-old Adelaida, 10-year-old Selyavira, 13-year-old Rush, and 16-year-old Ainzha. Their youngest son, AiniziMakassi, is also showing interest on the sport, but he’s yet to join them, not until he’s old enough to throw punches.

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