This Guy Throws Things over His Shoulder …And Puts Them Perfectly into Other Things


This dude has been dubbed by the Internet as the “guy who throws things,” and here’s why.

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Josh Hawkins is a youth pastor at St. Paul’s Church in Castle Hill, who hides a pretty incredible talent. A video he posted on the video-sharing platform YouTube has been making rounds in the Web since it was uploaded in May 2015. It amassed more than 8 million views and was even featured in popular sites like BuzzFeed, NBC, Reddit, The Huffington Post, and Sunrise.


The thirty-second video shows the thirty-year-old throwing things behind his back and perfectly putting them into place. You can watch him throw a CD into a player or toss a toothbrush into its holder. He has also thrown a toilet paper onto a roll and a bread into the toaster.

A month after, he uploaded another video, where he threw a straw into a cup and threw a scoop of ice cream into a cone. At the end of the video, he showed some of his failed attempts, proving that his videos were not just another product of godlike editing.


Hawkins said that he would stop “throwing things” when the act loses its popularity, but he does hope that Ellen DeGeneres would take notice of his amazing act and be featured on the famous comedienne’s show.

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