Igor Vovkovinskiy is Tallest Living Man in America


America’s version of Goliath, Igoth Vovkovinskiy, was hailed as the Tallest Living Man in America according to Guinness World of Records.

Twenty-seven year old Vovkovinskiy from Rochester, Minnesota stands 7 feet and 8.33 inches tall. He beat the previous world record holder George Bell, a deputy sheriff in Virginia, by a third of an inch. He was originally from Ukraine but he moved to Minnesota with his mother when he was seven years old to seek medical help from his pituitary gland disorder causing his unusual growth.




Vovkovinskiy has a size shoe of 24 10-E and admitted he struggles living a normal life because of his height. He can barely fit into cars and have to squeeze his body into his desk at the Minnesota School of Business where he studied. He is also a member of the Tall Club International where he discovered friends of his kind and be comfortable with his own size.







Currently,  Vovkovinskiy shares the same spotlight with the World’s Tallest Man Ever, Robert Wadlow standing 8 feet 11.1 inches tall and the World’s Tallest Living Man Sultan Kosen from Turkey measuring 8 feet 1 inch.



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