68-Year-Old Man Is So Flexible He Can Fold His Body in Two and Even Squeeze into a Pipe


Mbah Bejan looks pretty normal at first sight. That’s until you see him contort his body in unimaginable ways. You might want to steel yourself first though, some of his stunts are pretty intense.

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Bejan is a 68-year-old contortionist from Indonesia. He is so flexible that he can squeeze into a pipe that only has a diameter of 50 cm, can fold his body in two, and perform even more unbelievable positions.

Some of his tricks include the cobra, where he presses his calves to his side while lying face down. There’s also “the roasted chicken” stunt, where he swivels his knees through 180 degrees and places his feet flat on his stomach while lying on his back.

Mbah discovered his strange talent when he was 11 years old. He was fishing with some friends and accidentally punctured his foot with a thorn on the river bank.

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