Man Performs Yoga Poses on Speeding Motorbike

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Many yoga enthusiasts would choose to do their relaxing poses in open fields or centers that give the utmost serenity. But for 40-year-old Guguloto Lachiram, he likes to perform yoga while riding a motorcycle. The man does some serious moves on board his high octane chopper, taking extreme yoga into a whole different level.

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Lachiram, who hails from Khammam in the Indian state of Telangana, has had a longtime love affair with biking, so he decided one day to incorporate the thrill of it with yoga.

“I take the risk while I perform, and until today, I have not had any accidents. Sometimes I get scared when I perform stunts, but it makes me feel happy too,” he shared. “I can do many yoga postures. Some are performed by sitting, standing, and lying down. I can stand on a bike on the tank, in the middle and in the end.”

When Lachiram isn’t making onlookers hold their breath with his actions, he actually farms for a living.

Lachiram began his dangerous life on the fast lane after being inspired by stuntmen on television. Amazingly he has managed to do his yoga poses on speeds as fast as 60km/hr. Lachiram can hold his poses on a distance of 5 km and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

“I can stop doing my work, but I can’t stop performing. I completely love doing stunts on my bike, and I will continue to do so for the next 15 years,” he admitted.

As for his fan base, he has said that while the older people have discouraged him from doing such dangerous acts, the younger generation has been more supportive. “Many people ask me about my stunts. People who have not witnessed my performance ask me to perform stunts for them,” he said noting his supporters.

Looking into the future, Lachiram wants to make his country proud with what he does, and he has his son Govardhan to back him up.

“When I first saw my father doing stunts I got afraid. But I am proud of my dad and I would want him to continue performing this brave act,” the boy said.

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