See These People Do Unbelievable Stunts

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When people ask what your talents are, chances are you could play an instrument or make works of art. However, there are others whose hobbies are more dangerous than the person next door. Take for instance this list of people below, who risk their lives skydiving or pull off some crazy bike stunts. Which one would you be willing to get a few scratches and broken bones for?

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Skydiving without a parachute

Travis Pastrana is known as a motorsports  competitor and stunt performer, but he also likes skydiving from time to time—without a parachute.


Motorcycle backflips

Kain Saul is from the Gold Coast and a member of the FMX team. Yes, that’s motorcrossing.


Airplane Tail Grab

This extremely dangerous stunt by the Werth brothers is just another one of their crazy antics, although this particular shot was featured in the GoPro YouTube channel.


BMX Bike Stunts

Kevin Porter was a BMX rider and a popular one at that. However, these days, his life revolves around coffee. Here’s a random trivia: he’s the first BMX rider to have a coffee sponsor in 2009.


Acrobatic Basketball

The Lords of Gravity is an Acrobatic Basketball slam dunk show team. This activity looks fun, but unlike slamball, it’s mostly for show and you don’t actually play against a team for points.


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