This Mom Posted Photos with Her Kids on Instagram …What She Created is Gorgeous


As days go by, the way we look at moms have evolved immensely. While there was a time when mothers stayed at home to take care of the kids, it has gone to the point where a lot of them went off and found themselves jobs to help bring in income to the household. We have seen cool moms juggling their professional careers and housework quite well that many of them are considered modern-day heroes.

If you would look online though, you will see that mothers have gone way beyond what is expected from them. They have done pretty incredible things that may look simple to others, but are really appreciated by their children, like making artworks out of their foods. There are also some moms, who are slowly bringing in their kids to become part of their passions, just like what Laura Kasperzak did.

Last year, Laura and her daughter became Internet sensations when the photos she posted of them on Instagram garnered a great deal more attention than they expected. Then, her account @laurasykora, which she made in March 2012 for a niece who wanted a “follow” from her, skyrocketed to having more than 700,000 followers. Now, it already has 1.1 million.

If you will look at her photos below, you can probably understand why this happened.

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A photo posted by Laura (@laurasykora) on


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A photo posted by Laura (@laurasykora) on


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 In an interview with New York Daily News, Laura said things just “happened organically”. She said her son and daughter would pop in while she was doing her practice.

Laura Kasperzak, 36, poses with her 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter.

“It’s about teaching them to stay active and get on the mat with me and play around — they think it’s fun.”

She managed to capture the adorable photos of her and her daughter doing yoga together with a Nikon camera, which she set up, so it would take shots for every two seconds.

Laura is a part-time yoga teacher in New Jersey and a full-time employee of a software company. She runs a website with a friend, Two Fit Moms, where they post articles about yoga, fitness, and recipes as well as announcements for their yoga workshops and classes. Although the two friends only became certified yoga teachers in 2013, Laura has been practicing yoga for 17 years.

Laura revealed:

“It’s tough juggling everything — it’s a lot of early mornings. That’s usually when I practice. Then I get the kids up, get myself ready, go to work, come home and do anything I need to do for the website, or teach classes.”      

Laura is not the only mom posting photos of herself doing yoga with her kids. In fact, there are so many others on the Internet that you’ll be amazed how many parents have caught on to this craze. One of these other mothers is Jenifer Martinez from Cebu, Philippines.

A practicing yogi for five years, who is also a certified yoga instructor, Jenifer started doing yoga to complement her love for running. Now, she has her own yoga studio, Yogahub Philippines, which she started in September 2012, along with best friend, Danessa Onglatco. New co-owners Bernadette Pacaña, and Christine Lim also came in and joined in spreading their passion about yoga and its benefits.

A vegetarian for some 15 years already, Jenifer said yoga does not only help her stay calm and relaxed. It also makes her more aware of her environment, her body, and those who are dependent on her – her kids and the rest of her family.

Friend and co-owner of Yogahub, Danessa, also has fun doing yoga with her kids. She started doing yoga a year after Jenifer, when her very close friend convinced her to be part of a 10-day yoga challenge. These BFFs have been going strong in following their passion in integrating this practice into their lives that they have both included their kids into it.

According to Danessa, yoga does not only relaxes her mind and body, it also lets her to jump-start her day and deal with the stress of being a full-time mom, which for her is a 24/7 job. She said doing yoga with her kids allow them to create a stronger bond and share positive energy with each other.

Danessa teaches Yoga for Kids.



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