The Snake Woman of Africa Will Blow Your Mind in This Video



Each person is born unique, making us completely different from the rest. While some are gifted with visual capabilities, intellectual skills, and vocal prowess, others have exceptional flexibility and body strength.

Nokulunga Buthelezi, a native to Johannesburg, South Africa, is among those who are truly unique and gifted. As a contortionist, she is called ‘Lunga’. Though she hasn’t undergone professional training, she still is capable of twisting and bending her body as if she has no bones. She said her talent is purely natural and that she acquired this from the “snake genes” passed on to her by her great-grandmother.



“I never met my great-grandmother, but apparently, she was as flexible as I am. I was glad when I learn that, because I used to think: ‘Why am I like this? Why am I the only one who can do it?,” she said.

When she was still young, she used to contort herself in her bed. Now, she has been known as the “Snake Woman” because of her very elastic and flexible body, allowing her to move like a snake.



Watch her snake contortionist videos below:



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