This Pup Might Just Be Better at Pool Than You …Really!


You probably have heard about Amadeus, the lively chihuahua that guides pool balls to the holes. The talented dog‘s video went viral on the Internet due to his cuteness and cunning ability.

However, a new challenger has arrived that hopes to give Amadeus a run for his money.

Meet Halo, a fairly typical dog that also enjoys hanging around in pool halls. However, Halo is not on the same level as Amadeus. He uses the cue ball to send the other balls down the pockets.

It seems Halo has a wide grasp over the field of geometry. Probably even better than a normal students. He uses angles in shooting the balls, which some humans who play billiards can’t do.

However, just like Amadeus, Halo still gets the cue ball running down the holes. But never mind that. He is still adorably talented, though.

Here are photos of him exhibiting his unique talent in front of the camera:







And here are videos of Halo showing off his mad skills: