These Unbelievable Sculptures are Made out a Unique and Unconventional Material …You Must See This


His sculptures are one-of-a-kind, creative, and literally impelling.

Meet James Doran-Webb, a British artist based in the island of Cebu, Philippines. He creates sculptures of moving animal anatomies – giving details to their muscles, sinews, and feathers. He gives life to his crafts with the use of driftwood pieces.

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These sculptures are actually collections of carefully assembled driftwood, gathered by Doran-Webb from the beaches of the Philippine island of Cebu.

Many of his sculptures, like this immense wyvern, are meant to be placed outdoors and interact with their environment.

Doran-Webb usually sketch a picture of his craft and his assistants create a stainless steel frame to where the major wooden pieces will be attached. A second layer will then be added to give details to the sculpture.

Some of his pieces are made for indoor display settings, too.

Besides creating these amazing sculptures, Doran-Webb also designed the airy studio where he works, and he incorporated driftwood elements into the floor.

Doran-Webb started creating furniture in the year 2000 and eventually ventured into artistic sculpture, mostly outdoor crafts. He also has collections of indoor pieces.

His work has been exhibited all across the globe.

Watch his unique art in this amazing time-lapse video

Also watch James Doran-Webb’s profile video below

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