Watch These Taiwanese Men Pull Off Unbelievable Spinning Top Tricks


Spinning tops are usually played by young boys, but after watching this video uploaded by Kuma Films on their YouTube channel, you will realize it’s not just the kids who enjoy the toy—but men as well. They are the group of Taiwanese men called the Spin Top Snipers.

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Young boys these days might not be aware of this old-school toy called top. It’s a toy made of wood and comes in different colors. A piece of thread is wrapped around it, then the player would toss it to let it twirl. Playing with this old little wooden toy is really fun. It’s far different from the games being played by youngsters today, which are mostly computer-generated.

This toy was thought to be obsolete, yet it’s making a slow comeback in Taiwan as these Spin Top Snipers show off their mind-blowing skills. If you grew up playing tops, you’ll definitely flip over with their awesome trick shots.

If you’ve seen the video, you would understand why they are called snipers. If only the younger generation would try the games of the older generation, they would know that old-school games are much more fun than sitting and twiddling their thumbs on their tabs.

The Kuma Film video post has already reached over 677,000 views and 8,000 likes.

Watch the video below

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