Zsolt Sinka Sets Record for Teeth-Pulling the Heaviest Airplane


Zsolt Sinka from Hungary broke the world record after pulling the heaviest airplane in the world through his teeth as confirmed by World Record Academy.

He made a successful stunt on the Airbus A320 at Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest. The airplane weighs 50 tons and Sinka was able to yank the airbus almost 40 meters away using his teeth and a rope attached to the front wheel of the plane.





This brave Hungarian placed a yellow rope in his mouth that was attached to the plane and began pulling the vehicle using just his mouth while cheerleaders were pumping up alongside. After the remarkable feat, Sinka was given a model Wizz airplane.



Watch the video on how Zsolt Sinka managed to pull the plane without the engines on. The sound in the video is the Auxiliary Power Unit that provides power for plane need to operate the wheel brakes and to stop the plane.



Here are actual videos about strong people pulling vehicles below:


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