13 Unique Beds You Would Never Want to Leave in the Morning

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The Book Lovers’ Favorite Bed


Don’t worry, the bed doesn’t smell like an old book. A Japanese fella invented this book bed that can literally be folded like a real book.

Doc Sofa Bunk Bed


Some beds nowadays don’t just serve as a furniture for sleeping, like this one. This bunk bed transforms into a sofa, which your guests can sit on while you’re all enjoying a good conservation.

Magnetic Floating Bed


This floating bed, which has magnets attached all around its body, will save you from the annoying screeching sounds disturbing your good night’s sleep.

Coffin Bed


If you are a fan of vampire stories, you will save up just to purchase this bed. Just make sure your boss will believe you if you give him an excuse like your coffin wouldn’t open when you arrive to work late.

Comfy Spider Man


Want more incredible beds? How about sleeping on Spider-Man’s tummy? If you love Spider-Man big time, then this comfy Spidey bed is a great pick for you.

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