Vako Marchelashvil

Georgian Teen Breaks Record for Most Rubik’s Cubes Solved Underwater in One Breath

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At eighteen, you’ve probably set nothing but the fire alarm system in your home. But as for Georgian teen Vako Marchelashvil, setting fire alarms is too mainstream. So now he’s worked his way to setting a world record. The teenager just made a new Guinness world record for solving the most number of Rubik’s cubes in less that two minutes—underwater.

Vako Marchelashvil Sets New World Record with 6 Rubik’s Cubes Solved Underwater in One Breath

The young Vako Marchelashvil, a student from Georgia, dared to solve not just one, not two, but six Rubik’s cubes in just one minute and 44 seconds. To make it more interesting, the young boy had to do it underwater at Gino Paradise aqua park in Tbilisi, Georgia, on a Friday afternoon.

Enclosed in a small, transparent glass tank filled with water, the teen solved the Rubik’s cubes one by one. He looked pretty calm and effortless as he solves each one despite being watched by a huge crowd and the pressure of trying to break the existing record.

Vako Marchelashvil

According to Marchelashvil, the risks were high, and he was aware that a single mistake could endanger his life. So to prepare for the big day, the teen trained for six months.

Thankfully, all the hard work paid off when the diploma of his record-setting achievement was presented to him by the Georgian Records Federation. The organization is in-charge of safe-keeping and sending the evidence to Guinness for verification.

Vako Marchelashvil also shared with confidence that his result will stay as a record for a long time, and he’ll work on breaking more world records in the future.

As of this writing, the Guinness company has yet to confirm Vako Marchelashvil’s feat. As per Guinness guideline, the verification process can take up to 15 weeks but may be longer depending on the volume of applicants attempting to break a record. Until there’s no confirmation, Anthony Brooks of USA remains the recognized record holder for solving the most Rubik’s cubes underwater in a single breath.