Violinist Ben Lee Has Just Been Awarded The Fastest Superhuman Title


Ben Lee has been awarded the title of the fastest superhuman award — and for good reason. The violinist can play ” Flight of the Bumblebee” at an average speed of 15 notes per second, making him the quickest human on the planet.

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He could probably give The Flash a run for his money because judges and scientists for the Quest Channel’s “Superhuman Showdown” unanimously voted for the 32-year-old as the fastest superhuman on earth.

Ben, alongside several competitors were tested in a controlled environment, using magnetic electrical pulses to measure their brain activities during their tasks.


Among those in the competition include world base race champion Frode Jerry Miculek, who can “fly” unassisted at 170pm; speed shooter Jerry Miculeck, who can fire eight rounds on four different targets in 1.06 seconds; headspinner Aicho Ono, who can perform 135 head spins in one minute; and speed eater Pete Czerwinski, who can eat a 12-inch pizza in 34 seconds.

Ben, thrilled at being declared the winner said, “It’s taken tens of thousands of hours of practice to reach this speed but it definitely helped that my parents were musical and encouraged me to play.”

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