2,000-Foot Long Water Slide Will Soon Open at Action Park




The fun is never ending at Action Park. Located in Vernon, New Jersey, this amazing water park has created another attraction – a 2,000-foot-long waterslide.

According to the New Jersey Herald, the water park built a very long waterslide using the same material used in creating inflatable bounce houses. Though the local government hasn’t yet approved the slide for public use, it is said that Today is scheduled to try the ride for a show segment.

To make the event possible, the water park had to hire the correspondent Jenna Wolfe as an employee for the day. However, she will not be paid for her work.

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Action Park claims their water slide is the world’s longest. But, there is no confirmation of this yet. A representative from the Guinness Book of World Records will probably show up on Friday to confirm whether Action Park’s water slide is definitely the longest in the world.

Based on the press release from the park, Jim Hunt, a native of New Zealand, helped in creating the slide.

Bill Benneyan, the president of Action Park explained, “This Waterslide screams ‘Action Park’ and we knew our resort would be the perfect home for it. What’s more wild and crazy than flying nearly half a mile down a ski mountain on the World’s Longest Waterslide?”

It will take around 60 to 90 seconds for a person to finish the ride. But, this will depend on the rider as well. Also, the slide will require 1,000 gallons of water per hour to operate properly.

Reports say that the slide will open some time around summer 2016.

Watch the video of the waterslide below:

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