These are 48 Extreme Surfer Girls Doing What They Do Best!


Surf’s up! These gorgeous ladies are the world’s most wild and extreme surfers. These images of pretty ladies riding the waves will make you appreciate the sport of surfing.

Hang ten and get stoked over these pictures of surfing ladies!


Megan Abubo

Megan was born in Connecticut but raised in Hawaii. In the photo above, she is shown shooting the curl. Megan has been competing as a professional surfer since 1998. Currently, she has five WCT wins under her belt.


Paige Hareb

Paige has the distinction of being the first woman from New Zealand to qualify for the ASP World Tour. In the image above, Paige is almost inverted, an incredible and tough trick to do.


Sage Erickson

Sage is currently ranked as seventeenth surfer in the world. She is from Ojai, California.


Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally is only 24, but the Australian showed some serious guts in taking a huge waves like that in the photo.


Stephanie Gilmore

Just look at how she keeps her balance!



Almost Totally Laying Over Sideways


Attacking the Surf

As all surfers know, you have to eat the foam of other waves as you try to paddle out before you can enjoy a sweet wave ride. So you better keep your mouth closed, or you’re going to be drinking saltwater all day!


Almost Flying Straight Off the Wave!

To pull of this trick, a surfer has to carry serious speed to let the board fly higher than the lower part of the body.


Amazing Balance! Cowabunga, Dude!

Better Hold Your Breath



Casually Walking the Board with Ease

Cutting Hard to Hook Back Under the Curl

Double Trouble

Draggin’ Her Hand in Style

Exploding from the Foam



Eye of the Tiger

Flying Down a Monster Wave! Don’t Fall!

Getting That Board Up in the Air Nice and Good!

Going Totally Airborne!

Gotta Have Courage to Ride This Wall of Water



Holding on Through Some Rough Surf

How Is Her Hair Still Dry?

Imagine Being Almost Horizontal on Top of a Wave

To see the different stances and motions a surfer must do to be able to maintain his or her balance while riding over a strong wave is very interesting to see.


Looking Out a Tube of Water Must Be Cool

It Takes Skill to Go Almost Vertical Like This



Like a Boss

Looking Good, About to Fire Down the Water

Now That’s a Huge Wave to Dive Under!

Perfect Form as She Begins Her Run

Perfect Balance



Perfect Form Diving Under the Wave

Underwater action shots are fascinating. You always feel that you’ll find a shark lurking somewhere in the background. This clearly isn’t enough to stop these girls from hunting for their perfect waves.


Power Turn

Preparing for a Sweet Ride Down the Wave

Riding the Top Before Diving In

Sending Spray Right at the Camera



Getting Deep in That Pipe!

Brave Enough to Still Pose for the Cam

Super-High Speed Action

Surfing the Curl Limbo

Swoopin’ in for a New Run



That Wave Is Higher Than Her Head!



Impressive Stunt

Underwater Angles Are Always Awesome



Turning So Hard She Comes Completely Out of the Water

Climbing Up a Solid Wall of Water!

Going Half Way in the Air


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