Top 10 Water Locations for Water Sports Around The World



Playa de Famara by Orry72

What do you envision when you think about water? Do you see yourself in a vacation filled with thrill and playing with the waves? Do you feel excitement and exhilaration? You’re in luck because we got out and put together a list especially for you. From scuba diving around the reefs of the Australian coast to the surf haven of Morocco, here are the top 10 astonishing wet and wild water sports destinations to indulge your inner adrenaline seeker.

10. Windsurfing in Spain

Spain by IrinaSto

El Puerto de Santa María in the Spanish province of Cádiz is the world renowned spot for windsurfing and if it’s your cup of tea, then it would only make sense that you would want to visit this amazing place. It also offers a grandiose view of the beautiful coastline of Costa de la Luz along with ideal wind conditions and not only will you have a ridiculous amount of fun, you’ll also be windsurfing like a champ because this is where they held the 2012 World Windsurfing Championships.

9. Wake-Boarding in Lake Navarino, Western Australia

Wakeboarding by Ezalis

Welcome to the wake-boarder’s paradise in Western Australia. It is situated in the spectacular Lake Navarino which is a brief drive from Perth and from here, you can be a part of the flock of adrenaline junkies on the marvelous waters of Waroona Dam. Wake-boarding may be a difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s worth all the trouble.

8. Kitesurfing in Essaouira in Morocco

Morocco by McBruce

Essaouira is the windy city located on the coast of Morocco. Its stats range from 25 knots to 35 knots almost every day during the summer season. For kitesurfing and windsurfing, this place is truly one of the best in the world.

 7. Kayaking at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe by adwriter

Most of the time, kayaking is associated with confronting merciless rapids. However, if you are in search of a relaxing way to enjoy yourself, paddling the serene surroundings of Lake Tahoe in California is an awesome way to just get out on the water and enjoy the majestic solitude it offers as an escape from your busy schedule.



6. Scuba diving in Brisbane

Water Sports Brisbane by Yet another Dave

Brisbane, which is in Australia, is a host to a thriving surfing community. However, the main attraction here can be found underwater, which can be enjoyed through scuba diving. Aside from an abundance of extraordinary marine life, there is the HMAS Brisbane, a navy ship that sunk just off the coast of the city.

5. Surfing in Playa de Famara

Playa de Famara by Orry72

Playa de Famara is a surfing paradise hidden on the coast of Lanzarote in Europe. The winds and ground swells are great all year round. During the summer seasons, especially in July, waters are calmer, making it a good spot for beginners. Check out the local surf statistics at Magic Seaweed, so you can find out what is the most favorable conditions that suit you.

4. Water Skiing in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes by Dolkin

The Aegean Sea is home to crystal blue waters that surround the Greek archipelago of Rhodes and is an ideal spot for water skiing. If you want to absorb the ancient beauty of the island, the calmer waves located at the east of the island are perfect to just take you out to sea and soar through the waters.

3. Jet Skiing in Miami

Miami By Kev Cook

Miami is a playground of the rich and famous. All year round, due to the glorious weather of Florida, holiday-goers flock to the state to soak up the sun and let loose on the open waters of the Atlantic. And, one of the most popular water sports they enjoy here is jet skiing. It’s one the best ways to “have fun under the sun” in this vibrant city.

2. Body Boarding in the Caribbean

Caribbean By TarikB

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, but you find it too difficult to master, then you should try the simpler body boarding. It’s the next best thing to surfing. And, where would be the best place to do so? That would be the Cayman Islands. The island itself is already dazzling, but combined with its great waves, it is the perfect spot for this fun water sport.



1. Power Boating in San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay by moonjazz

San Diego is a maritime town in its own right, due to its beautiful bay, which draws in sailing enthusiasts every day. Now, there may be plenty of yachts that can be found occasionally cruising the coastline, but, if you feel the need for something a bit more extreme, you can skim across the water at high speed using a power boat for that exciting experience you are looking for.

Nothing beats being on the water and feeling exhilarated with the many water sports alternatives to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Go on out there and have fun!

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