Most Amazing Flips into the Water


It’s summer! It’s time to hit the beach. Time to splash and dive on the sea, river, lakes, and pools. One way to make your time frolicking in the cool waters more amazing and adventurous is to learn how dive and do some flips.

There’s even a sports now for that – diving and cliff diving. These extreme sports are quite fun. And you don’t need expensive equipment to partake in these activities. But we are not talking competitions here; we are just about having fun in the waters.

Here’s a compilation of videos of how to enjoy the waters this summer.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014 Highlights

Amazing Shark!

Rays Showing Off!

Wow! Guys Rope Swing Flipping



Foot-Rocket Flips

Quite Impressing Pool Flip!

Most Amazing Flip Diving!


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