Wins Over Girlfriend’s Parents After Recycling Ice to Make a Unique Igloo

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Parents have varying reactions if their daughter introduces them to her guy. While some of them panic and think about the bad things that could happen, others just welcome them warmly. However, it was a completely different story for New Zealander Daniel Gray.

During the winter holiday, Daniel came to stay for five weeks in the house of his girlfriend, Kathleen Starrie, in Edmonton, Canada.

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But instead of just sitting around, Starrie’s mom, Brigid Burton, asked the guy, who was an engineering student, to build something out of snow and the colored bricks in the yard.




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Reports say that Burton’s idea started in October, when she collected different milk cartons to form frozen bricks. Daniel recalled, “My girlfriend’s mother had a brilliant idea of building an igloo and thought it would keep me busy, away from her daughter in some respect.”

“I wanted to keep him occupied, not with my daughter necessarily. I wanted to keep him busy with something else. I didn’t want Dan to just be twiddling his thumbs while he’s here in Canada, so I thought, this needs to be something that’s got some meat to it,” Starrie’s mother explained.

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Considering all the calculations he’s done and the time he spent under the freezing temperature, Daniel did impress his girlfriend’s parents. Using over 500 ice blocks, he was able to create one beautiful structure.

Know more about this igloo in the videos below.


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