Woman Can Write 2 Different Languages with Both Hands at the Same Time

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Chen Siyuan has an extraordinary talent: she’s ambidextrous. In a study made, 90 percent of the population are skilled with their right hand, and in comparison, 10 percent are lefties. Somewhere in the 1 percent are ambidextrous or can use both hands. It means that Chen’s ability is as unique as it can get.

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The amazing thing about Chen is that she can write English and Chinese at the same. The 24-year-old translator by profession claims that her skill was never deliberately practiced but was a product of her needing to finish her homework.


“When I was in high school, I unconsciously wrote with both hands while trying to finish my homework in a hurry,” Chen said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency right after she got media attention.


Nowadays, Chen is making good use of her skill by writing poetry. She does this by writing Chinese characters on one side and English on the other and can even go in different directions.


Chen is an English degree holder from Northern China. She says that her classmates were eager to try her talent out themselves, but none were really successful.

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