Woman Sets World Record for Farthest Tightrope Walk Wearing High Heels

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Italy has a weekly show called Lo Show Dei Record which features the most shocking and awesome world record attempts. It’s the Guinness World Records Italian Show.

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In the sixth episode of the show, a Russian performer Oxana Seroshtan set a record for the farthest tightrope walk in high heels.  Because walking a tightrope is not tough enough, she added the extra challenge of wearing stilettos.


Oxana walked 49 feet or 15 meters while wearing the high heels, which doubled the existing 26 feet (7.525 meters) record of Australian Chelsea McGuffin made 2013.

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The incredibly talented circus artist made the record by walking for 24 feet (7.5 meters) then turning around and moving back to where she started. She followed the Guinness World Record guidelines and held a fan in one hand as a balancing aid.

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