The Funniest Donald Trump Memes from Across the Internet

The Funniest Donald Trump Memes from Across the Internet


Donald Trump is one interesting man, to say the least. Granted, he’s super duper rich, has had a very successful reality show and is now a candidate in our presidential election. But, the more fascinating part about him is his hair. How does one man go through life with such an epic comb-over?

Trump’s strange hair has been the butt of jokes lately and has been subjected to countless memes that’re only getting better and better as days pass. We know for a fact that it’s not a toupee. So, does this mean he wakes up everyday and choose that hair style? Strange.

Mr. Trump has a lot of hurdles to jump if he wants to become the next president— he’s said a lot of offensive and sometimes racist things in the past, instigated a few Twitter fights, and has a history of contradicting himself on important issues. However, his chosen hair-do could be his biggest challenge to date. Could America really be crazy enough to vote for someone who can’t even control the hair on top of his head?

His hair doesn’t simply sit still on top of his head and stay out of trouble, it jumps around and blows in the wind all the time, leading to embarrassing photos and videos of the political-hopeful. These incidents would be 10 times more awkward if he was already the president, as he will be endlessly ridiculed.

Here are some memes that prove how ridiculous Trump’s hair is.














I’m not sure if my stomach hurts from laughing or because I need to throw up.. excuse me.


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