There Is a Beach with Pink Sand …Seriously!

There Is a Beach with Pink Sand …Seriously!

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Located in the East Coast of North America, Bermuda has one-of-a kind pink-sand beaches and a lot of top restaurants around. Tourism is the second-largest industry in the country with over five hundred thousand visitors each year. The place is also known to host the upcoming tenth annual beach festival next month in Horseshoe Bay.

It is located in Southampton, on the south coast of the Island. The sand is pink in color due to millions of tiny red sea creatures such as clams, mollusks, as well as other invertebrate, that have been crushed by the strong and heavy waves of the mid-Atlantic ocean. When they wash up on shore, they blend with the sand, turning it into an amazing pink wonder. It is a natural coloring job worthy of any high-end hair salon!


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