These High Content Wolfdogs Might Look Fierce, But Are Actually Quite Timid …Know More About Them Here

These High Content Wolfdogs Might Look Fierce, But Are Actually Quite Timid …Know More About Them Here


Although they are known to be timid and fearful, high content wolfdogs share the same physical features and characteristics as wolves. But actually, they are hybrids of domesticated dogs. And, since they prefer to stay away from strangers, they aren’t ideal guard dogs. They only give one or two warning howls just to let you know if a stranger is present, and then, they will retreat.

Here are some of the most popular wolfdogs you can learn about:


Captain is a curious, but timid wolf dog. Like the rest in his breed, he doesn’t really make a good house pet because of his destructive tendencies.

Interesting trivia about high content wolfdogs, they only give birth during spring, since they only have one heat cycle per year.


Shango is a high content wolfdog, who often participates in outreach and education programs. She is tagged as an ambassador for her breed.


Ayashi is a high content wolfdog from Ohio. She is currently two years old. Even so, she still acts like a puppy and plays a lot. At times, she can be very dominant with other wolfdogs, but she can roll over and show her tummy whenever she sees humans.

Unlike other high content wolfdogs, she loves people and water. Ayashi is easily distinguished for her well-furred ears, gigantic feet, blended coat, long legs, and slanted eyes.



Two-year-old Taz is another high content wolfdog, who is noted for his broad shoulders, which measures at 32 inches. While he looks gorgeous and gentle, he is actually very strong.





Salem is a 1-year-old high content wolfdog who is known for his well-rounded ears, black nails, and slanted yellow eyes.


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