This Couple of 67 Years Held Each Other’s Hands Until Their Passing

This Couple of 67 Years Held Each Other’s Hands Until Their Passing

Love that lasts a lifetime is rare, especially in this day and age where relationships start and stop so quickly. This couple is an example of true love and lasting commitment and shows that romance doesn’t end as you age because true love lasts forever.

The couple were married for 67 years and they got their wish in the end to die together surrounded by family.

Floyd and Violet Hartwig of Fresno, California, married on August 16, 1947. They passed away on February 11—while holding hands.




The family noticed something was amiss when their synchronized breathing stopped. Floyd departed first, followed by Violet five hours later.




Their daughter Donna Scharton said they wanted to go together. Violet had dementia for a few years, and the family noticed a decline in her health over the holidays. Then in January, Floyd’s doctor informed her that her father had kidney failure and only two weeks to live. It was at that point that the family decided to place them in a hospice together.

When they noticed that Floyd had passed, the hospice beds were pushed together. Their daughter said that her parents were very committed to each other. The couple had three children, four grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

Scharton said of her parents, “They never ever asked for anything. All they ever wanted was their family, and it was amazing that they got that in the end.”


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