This Farmer Did the Unbelievable Horse Shelter

This Farmer Did the Unbelievable Horse Shelter

We all love our pets. They are our best friends. People will call it insane to go an extra mile for these animals when they can’t think for themselves and couldn’t therefore give back the care we give. But this heartwarming story of a farmer and what he did for his animals friends will change your perspective. A photo has been circulating around the Web since 2003, showing a group of horses taking shelter under some furniture. And the supposed story behind it makes this tale even more heartwarming.



Jens Braun, a farmer from Doellstaedt, Germany, was planning to build a shelter for the horses but was forced to stop the construction because of an ordinance prohibiting him from doing so. As a way of working his way out of the rule, he instead built an outsized table and chairs in the middle of a pasture to give the animals the shed they deserve.


Although many accounts have claimed that the story is untrue, with the said ordinance being a work of fiction, this story will prove to us that somewhere, somehow, some people are willing to do more than giving physical attention to their animals simply because they are more than just pets.


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