Three Kangaroos

These Kangaroos ‘Squaring Up’ to Each Other Is the Most Australian Thing You’ll Ever See

Everyone knows that Australia has no shortage of extreme animal encounters. From creepy crawlies to exotic birds, there’s just no telling what animal is going to show up on the doorstep of a suburban home.

One of the most common wildlife encounters involves the country’s national icon, the kangaroo. This was exactly what this family found on a quiet street one night. In fact, they found a whole mob of them! And just like the rebels they were born to be, three of these kangaroos engaged in a boxing match too epic that you have to see it to believe it.

Three Kangaroos Filmed Squaring Up in Australia Street Causes Commotion Online

Move over, Tyson vs. Douglas, this brawl is about to become the next talk of the town.

A clip featuring three kangaroos squaring up to each other is making rounds online. It all started when this family came across a group of kangaroos while driving down a Western Australia suburb at night. The footage shows two kangaroos squaring up to each other in battle, with a third animal apparently joining in.

The family filmed the shocking scene inside the safety of their car. As the video goes on, two of the animals are seen boxing in slow motion, complete with a few film-worthy jumps and slinging of arms. As soon as the third kangaroo joins in, they start pushing one another violently until one powerfully kicks with its back legs.

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Fighting Kangaroos

Amusingly, the three kangaroos seemingly get distracted by the itchy spots on their bodies and stop their sparring match to scratch themselves from time to time. They eventually end the fight by hopping off the scene, much to the enjoyment of the family who couldn’t help but laugh at what they just witnessed.

As with a number of species in the animal kingdom (and the human race), kangaroos fight for a variety of reasons including mating rights, territory, and dominance. Female kangaroos engaging in brutal fights is less common.

Kangaroos are anatomically built for “boxing matches” because their large tails help them balance. Some kangaroos can even jump up to a staggering 25 feet! Their legs are so powerful that they can easily disable their opponents in just one kick.

There have been multiple kangaroo brawls recorded on camera. One such case involved a human being sparring with a kangaroo after the animal attacked the man’s dog. In a separate incident, another kangaroo was recorded picking a fight with himself after spotting his own reflection on a window.

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