Watch Heartwarming Moment Toddler Best Friends Run to Hug Each Other

Watch Heartwarming Moment Toddler Best Friends Run to Hug Each Other

If only we could all learn to greet each other the way these two toddlers do, maybe the world would be a little brighter.

Video of Toddler Best Friends Running to Each Other for a Hug Melts Hearts

In a quiet neighborhood in New York City, toddlers Maxwell and Finnegan are filmed running to hug each other on the street, the video of which is now melting hearts of millions all over the world.

toddler best friends hugging

On September 8, 2019, Maxwell’s father shared a post on Facebook, with the caption “I have no idea how to make things go viral, for those that do……please share. This is just so beautiful. Finnegan + Maxwell= BESTIES!!! If we could all be like this.”

Ever since the video of them hugging was posted, the Internet has been gushing over the two young boys.

Maxwell and Finnegan are both two years old. According to Maxwell’s dad, Michael Cisneros, they have known each other for about a year now.

Since they live in the same neighborhood, they regularly play together. They share a bus to day care every morning too, and they go to music class together. Both are excellent dancers, says Cisneros.

Michael Cisneros

With all the things they do together, Maxwell and Finnegan practically see each other almost every day. Yet when they saw each other on the street, they ran to each other and hugged like they have not been together for years. And the Web is loving every second of the heartwarming video!

In an interview with CBS Philly, Maxwell’s dad shared, “Definitely not staged. It was just a lucky moment, and I got it on camera.”

He further stated that he would want him and his son to look back on this moment between the toddler best friends in the future and smile.

“. . . now with all the attention that it’s getting, that’s just gonna be a great story to tell him when he’s older,” Cisneros added.

Watch the video below.