150 Santas Gather In Denmark

150 Santas Celebrate Christmas on a Summertime in Denmark


It’s almost the season to be jolly, which means seeing those white-bearded, big-belly man in a red suit giving gifts and smiles to everyone becomes a common occurrence. It sure is a delight to watch Santa Clause ride his sleigh with Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, whether you are in first grade or about to start college. In Denmark, a scene like this is far from unusual—only it’s not in a dark starry sky but at a crowded mall or street!

150 Santas Gather at the Year’s Most Christmassy Event

More than 150 Santa Clauses ho-ho-hoed their way on a summertime to Copenhagen, Denmark, for the 61st Annual World Santa Clause Congress. Some, in fact, paddled their way from distant countries such as Japan and the United States of America sporting the traditional red suits and full beards the holiday figure is most known for.

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The three-day annual event involved a parade starting at the Bakken amusement park and then along the streets of the Danish capital and a trip to the Little Mermaid statue. Spectators were amused to see 150 Santas bathing in the sea, tasting herring, and even doing what seemed like a runway fashion show.

The gathering also saw different versions of the Santa suit. There was a Santa that rather looked like a garden gnome figurine. Another point worth noting is that the event broke standards of what Santa Claus should look like, as there were lady Santas, something that greatly contradicts people’s idea of the 1748-year-old Christmas icon.

The fact that the gathering has been going on for more than six decades says a lot. Safe to say, all 150 Santas who were at the event last July have all been waiting for the day they can create something that brings joy to children and adults alike.

Santa Douglas, a participant from Washington, DC, came back for the twelfth time this year. For the 60-year-old, it’s meeting different Santas that excites him the most.

Douglas shared, “It’s interesting how when meeting others their culture starts to rub off on you and yours on them. For example, a lot of the Santa suits now are not the traditional gray Danish one.”

Scottish Santa Ian, on the other hand, quipped that it’s the feeling of being a one big family that draws him to the event.

He said, “Normally us Santas work alone. This is like a big family. But a family you get on with.”

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