Daredevil Introduces New Sport – Handskating – Where You Skate Around Using Your Bare Hands


A guy from Germany took the sport rollerblading to the next level when he started to master-skate not with his feet, but with his bare hands.

Mirko Hanßen just coined his self-invented sport handskating, and it looks like he’s the only person in the world who has so far done it.

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It started one night when Hanßen had a spur-of-the-moment decision to combine handstand and skating, two activities he both likes to do. It was a bit hard to pull off at first, Hanßen admitted, but he took it as a challenge and vowed to perfect it.


Through frequent practice, Hanßen eventually managed to stand and skate forward using his hands. Then he decided to take the sport outdoor. He used to do it on bike lanes, but after he received complaints from motorists that he was somehow distracting them, he continued doing the sport on back alleys and other obscure places.


At first, Hanßen made sure that every time he handskated, no one was there to film him. But later on, when he was sure enough that he had already mastered the art of his new sport, he started uploading videos of himself online, and he even showed off different tricks.


The sport handskating would require flawless physical fitness. So Hanßen had to work out almost four hours every day to be maintain his good shape. But instead of going to the gym, he chooses to use his own body weight.


Hanßen’s passion for skating is deeper than you thought. Because now he is still practicing a few more tactics and is trying to find a way to integrate other sports like football or skydiving into his newly invented physical activity.

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