This Giant Round Ping Pong Table Takes the Game to a Whole New Level of Awesomeness


Forget about the conventional rectangular ping-pong games, which are way too balanced and straightforward. Deviate from the norm and play a game in the round.

Lee Wen, a Singaporean artist, created Ping-Pong Go Round. This Ping-Pong table is an interactive art installation, and it makes your game go literally round and round.

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Ping Pong 360 : A Giant Round Ping Pong Table

The game itself is like a dialogue between players on opposite sides. The thing is, the shape of the table is changed to that like of—take this in—a conference table!

A round Ping-Pong table was created from plywood. It consists of fifteen tabletops, which were set up as doughnut shaped with a diameter of 6 meters. Players play from inside against another player on the outside.

By transforming the table into something like a doughnut-shaped one, with no edges on the right and left side, a different notion of the limitations set in the preceding game provides new opportunities for a more immense discourse.

Ping Pong 360 : A Giant Round Ping Pong Table

After constructing it, the table was set up for a day in a community center, giving casual visitors a chance to try it out. It looked like a sculpture by itself, yet when it is being played, it becomes a structure for a good sport.

Ping Pong 360 : A Giant Round Ping Pong Table

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